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Tricentric® valves have proven seal reliability for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid and natural gas services as required by NASA, the aerospace industry, oil field recovery services and other extreme applications. In an independent laboratory test, after more than three hours submerged in liquid nitrogen at -321°F and 145 psig, the Tricentric® valve met all the specification requirements, including zero leakage with helium. Tricentric® valves achieve tight shut-off, zero leakage at temperatures as low as -425°F in liquid oxygen, nitrogen and liquid natural gas applications.

Tricentric Valves®

Sub-zero Temperatures

The cryogenic industry is known for its demanding and extreme operating conditions. We partner our cryogenic customers to fully understand their objectives and challenges whilst innovating to ensure they have access to industry leading solutions.

At Weir, we supply the market with truly world-class valve solutions.

These include the BATLEY®, BDK™, BLAKEBOROUGH®, SARASIN-RSBD™, SEBIM™ and TRICENTRIC® product brands.

When you rely on our engineered solutions operating perfectly in extreme low temperatures, we ensure that our customer's are never disappointed.

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