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Floway® Vertical turbine pumps

Engineered to order Floway® Vertical turbine pumps are supplied in either single-stage or multi-stage options. Designed for high dependability and an ideal choice for applications in water treatment such as desalination and reverse osmosis.

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Creating clean, fresh water

Desalination is a process where mineral components are extracted from salt water, therefore removing the salt and bacteria and creating clean water for human consumption.

Desalination is becoming more important as the scarcity of fresh water resources and the need for additional water supplies is already crucial in many arid regions around the world.

We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the best products and services to help them achieve their output and support this crucial market, globally.

We are proud to offer our customers some truly exceptional engineered solutions from brands such as FLOWAY®, WEMCO® and WSP™.

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