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Transforming global power generation

We understand that integrating project management and custom engineering with safety and quality are key to your success, and we are proud that our equipment can be found performing to design and helping facilities fulfil their potential.

Reliability and performance

Maintaining a facility's operational reliability and performance is a key requirement. That's why Weir offers services across the lifespan of the equipment.

From installation, long term maintenance contracts, minor and major inspections and overhauls to re-design and upgrades for life extension.

Find out more about our services

You usually hear from us within 24 hours after your request. We are looking forward to answering your questions and helping as best we can.

Due to recent changes in data privacy laws in Russia, we are unable, at this time, to accept enquiry form submissions from businesses based in Russia. Please email your enquiry to the global contact address shown on this page and we will respond to your enquiry directly.

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