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  • Oil & Gas

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  • API Valves

    Weir API valves feature a bi-directional slab gate, metal-to-metal sealing...

    Product type: API Valves

    Casing Head S-22 | Weir Wellhead | Weir Oil & Gas

    The Weir S-22 casing head resists casing collapse more efficiently...

    Product type: Wellhead

    Double Acting Hydraulic Valve Actuators

    Double acting hydraulic valve actuators provide bi-directional sealing...

    Product type: Actuators

    Double Pack Stuffing Box

    Our Double Pack Stuffing Box redirects fluid and gas into the flow line by...

    Product type: Artificial Lift Accessories

    Floway® VHP – API 610 Vertical Turbine Pump (VS1/VS6)

    The Floway® VHP API 610 current edition is a compliant vertical close...

    Product type: Centrifugal Pumps

    Floway® VSB – Vertical Turbine Submersible Pump

    Vertical close coupled, single or multistage submersible motor pump,...

    Product type: Submersible Pumps


    Weir manufactures and tests manifolds of up to 15,000 psi working pressure....

    Product type: Manifolds

    Mathena™ Atmospheric Degasser

    The Mathena™ atmospheric degasser allows teams to work efficiently even in...

    Product type: Degasser

    Mathena™ Choke Manifold

    The Mathena™ choke manifold, featuring easy height adjustment, serves as...

    Product type: Choke

    Mathena™ Eco-Tank Intelligent System

    The Mathena™ Eco-Tank Intelligent System (ECO-ISL) provides more accurate...

    Product type: Tanks

    Mathena™ Ecological Containment System (Eco-Tank)

    The Mathena™ ecological containment system prevents unwanted drilling...

    Product type: Containment System

    Mathena™ Electric-Actuated Choke (EAC)

    The Mathena™ Electric-Actuated Choke - the first hydraulic equivalent...

    Product type: Choke

    Mathena™ Frac Flowback Intelligent System

    The Mathena™ Frac Flowback Intelligent System (FFB-ISL) provides...

    Product type: Containment System

    Mathena™ Gas Vent Line Igniter

    The Mathena™ gas vent line igniter provides safe, continuous dispersal...

    Product type: Ignitor

    Mathena™ Hydraulic Drilling Choke

    The Mathena™ hydraulic drilling choke features an advanced plug and seat...

    Product type: Choke