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Gemex™ belt tensioning system

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Gemex™ belt tensioning system

The Gemex™ belt tensioning system allows for the quick and easy replacement of belts on any critical machine without the need of the alignment.


The Gemex™ belt tensioning system makes it possible to change belts on any critical machine in just a few minutes. No alignment needs to be done when changing belts or adjusting belt tension - it is done during the initial installation. Correct alignment and belt tension gives your belts, pulleys, and bearings longer and more consistent life, while also providing the conditions for maximum efficiency.

Gemex™ belt tensioning systems are available in standard models for belt drives from 1 kW up to 500kW. We can also offer bespoke designs for machines where our standard models cannot be applied.

Gemex™ belt tensioning systems can be found in nearly every industrial environment which uses belt transmissions; as well as in clean environments such as the pharmaceutical industry, ventilation systems in hospitals and in other public buildings.

Key features/benefits

  • Consistent high performance
  • Alignment only required at installation
  • Shorter (and fewer) production stops
  • Lower consumption of spare parts


  • Any V Belt Driven Device


  • Materials Handling (Mining)
  • Materials Handling (Aggregates)

Gemex™ – Belt Tensioning System


Design standards 


Design ratings 


Size range/-dimensions

IEC90 to IEC400 

Pressure class/-power

1 kW to 500 kW

Temperature range

-10ºC to 40ºC


For belt drives from 1 kW up to 500kW. We can also offer bespoke designs for machines.


Cast Iron or Fabricated Units


On request

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Our performance-enhancing engineering services ensure that you not only receive the best in class equipment, but expert configuration and support to optimise each of your applications.


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