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Weir Integrated Solutions

Why sustainability matters to weir

Weir Group's Purpose is to enable the sustainable and efficient delivery of the natural resources essential to create a better future for the world. This ensures that sustainability is at the very core of our strategy.

Our Sustainability Roadmap

"We strive to make our customers more sustainable; it's core to our purpose and at the heart of what we do."

Jon Stanton, CEO, The Weir Group PLC

Sustainability strategy

Embedding sustainability throughout our organisation protects and creates long-term value for our stakeholders, both internal and external, and will secure the long-term future of Weir.

Creating Sustainable Solutions

Our smart, efficient and sustainable technology strategy ensures that our innovations are always relevant to our customers.

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Reducing Our Footprint

We believe that acting in an environmentally sustainable way protects and creates long term value, not just for our shareholders, but for all our stakeholders and supports the long-term future of our business.

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Nurturing Our Unique Culture

We are a global family. We are proud of our unique blend of talent, technology and culture. We are here to inspire our people to do the best work of their life. 

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Championing Zero Harm

Weir is built around our zero-harm commitment. Fundamentally, we want every one of our people to have a safe start, a safe finish and a safe journey home.

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Our Sustainable Foundations

In addition to our four sustainability roadmap strategic priorities we aspire to have the best in class corporate governance across all areas of sustainability.

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